Friends of Thiruvalla-Houston started in 2011 to provide a forum for the Thiruvallites residing in the Houston area. Friends of Thiruvalla-Houston is a nonprofit cultural organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas. It is a voluntary community organization of the people of Thiruvalla who reside in Houston and nearby areas.
At present there are close to 500 Thiruvalla families living in Houston. Many of these families are members of Friends of Thiruvalla-Houston or closely associated with this organization's activities. Every year Friends of Thiruvalla-Houston organizes a variety of social and cultural events, involving hundreds of families. Friends of Thiruvalla-Houston emphasizes the goal of preserving and promoting the moral, social, cultural, educational, literary and artistic heritage of Indian community in the Houston area.

The Highlights

Thiruvalla always enjoyed a high literacy rate of 89-91%. Thiruvalla is also the city/town with the largest bank deposit in the country.

The Villages

1.       Kuttapuzha
2.       Eraviperoor
3.       Kaviyoor
4.       Koipuram
5.       Thiruvalla
6.       Thottapuzhasserry

7.       Kadapra
8.       Kuttoor
9.       Nedumpuram
10.     Niranam
11.     Peningara
12.     Kavumbhagam


Thiruvalla is on the western border of Pathanamthitta district. Now the boundaries of the taluk are Varattar Bridge on the south, Lappalam on the north, Pullad on the east and Neerattupuram in west situates in Alappuzha district. Pullad is the last point of Thiruvalla town east & it is in the Koipurampanchayath.

The climate

The city has a tropical climate with a temperature variation of a high of 34.4 C in summer to a low of 18.5C in winter with a healthy rainfall of 304cm.


Summer: March-May
Monsoon: June-July
Winter: November-February


The topography of Thiruvalla comprises plains, paddy fields, and small ranges. The major crops grown are rice, tapioca, coconuts, rubber, plantains, sugarcane and a variety of vegetableshy.


The culture and heritage of Thiruvalla are tied with temples. Christianity arrived in Thiruvalla early through the apostle St. Thomas who is believed to have come to Niranam in AD 52. The Mar Thoma church and the evangelical church have their headquarters in Thiruvalla. The headquarters of the Orthodox Church Niranam Diocese and Thiruvalla Diocese of Syro-Malankara rite of the Catholic Church is also in Thiruvalla. The famous Paliakkara church is a destination of tourists, historians and moreover devotees from all denominations. It is the mother of all churches in Thiruvalla.

The 4000-year old SreeVallabh temple here is the only Hindu shrine in Kerala offering Kathakali (a folk dance) as daily ritual to the deity.

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